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Overcoming Emotional Eating: An Experiential Workbook

By Wendi Francis MS, RD/LDN, CPC

An experiential, interactive workbook designed to help you overcome what you had become to move into the person, without the food, you were born to be.

Shattering the Belief Code

Shattering the Belief Code will not only teach you about beliefs, mindset and empowerment but it will also give you simple step-by-step strategies to help yourself or your clients create empowered results and outcomes, identify internal belief structures and break free from negative beliefs.

Inspired Eating: 101 Biohacking Recipes for Quick, Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

Getting healthy and staying healthy takes inspiration. Inspiration to make the change AND to keep the change. In food, inspiration takes place in many forms. These recipes provide the conduit for inspiration by providing variety, nutrition, creativity, choice and ultimately change. The saying, variety is the spice of life is absolutely true, especially in your foods. Within the pages of this comprehensive recipe book you will find a plethora of great tasting, easy to make and healthful food options, inspiring you to move into action.

The 3P Protocol

Are you tired of all of the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting? Are you frustrated and don’t know where to turn or what to do? Do you feel like a failure? Do you want it all to stop? What if it wasn’t all about you? What if you just didn’t know the questions you needed to ask to get the right answers to succeed with your weight loss?

In our program and in our clinics across the country we have found the 3P Protocol to accelerated, sustainable weight loss to help you shed those unwanted pounds forever. We can’t hold the secret any longer. It’s Transformation that Goes Beyond a Diet. Now it is your turn and your time to Uncover Your Best You.

FREE EBOOK: The Psychology of Weight Loss

In this free ebook, you’ll learn the 2 secrets stopping you from overcoming your destructive overeating patterns.

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