Episode 178: Pacing Yourself

Episode Summary

In this episode of Overcoming Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks about how you can learn to pace yourself in a place that allows you to strive and thrive through the next few months. How do you pace yourself through life and how do you pace yourself while you eat or if you have cravings to eat?

Episode Notes

Pacing yourself, knowing when to surge and being consistent.

The biggest thing we can focus on in pacing ourselves is our breath. Breathing regularly rhythmically.

Eating and breathing are correlated, if you do not breathe deeply you will need to use food to regulate your breathing. If you do not breathe deeply regularly. You will need to use food to help you regulate that breath.

The truth is how we breathe affects our emotional state. It affects our physical state. It can affect our connection to others. Breathing is imperative, and it helps us pace ourselves through our lives.

Pacing yourself, slowing down and enjoying the moments.

Joy brings clarity. It brings breath, it brings focus, and it brings the intention

Paying attention to your body.

During the next few months, it will be more important than ever to pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you. If you don’t give it what it needs, it will come back at you with a vengeance. Whether that’s craving things, overeating over drinking over, sleeping over something because your body’s got to get what it needs. And if it doesn’t, it’s going to find a way to alter that so that it can.

Know when to surge.

When you need to speed up in chunks, get those things done, organize stress plan, focus intention and then when can you pace yourself again? So it’s not about running through the next two and a half months. It’s about knowing when to surge and knowing when to pace.

Being consistent.

In life, consistency looks like rituals that are good for us.

Rituals provide safety, they provide clarity, they provide strength, they provide something for us to rely on.

Do things consistently to give yourself a space to change yourself, to grow you, to love you, to give you safety and constant support during the next two and a half months.

“You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go. And that’s the momentum of life,  Just move in the direction you know you are headed. And you will get there.”

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