Episode 184: Repair, Recovery and Resourcing

Episode Summary

In this episode of Overcoming Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks about repairing, recovering and resourcing after a holiday season. Recognizing the highs and the lows. The shoulds or the woulds and the coulds, and how we can best take care of ourselves throughout this time with our food, our life, our connections and most importantly, ourselves.

Episode Notes

Recover and repair.

Get back to basics whatever basics are for you.

That’s what repair and recovery are about. Get off at the next exit and get back to basics.

Resourcing is about bringing ourselves back to the present moment in time.

When you’re not in the moment with your food. Your trip up and fall back into the past. 

You got to stay present and oriented in order to really be empowered in this time. Not only to enjoy your holidays and to enjoy other people but to keep the connection with yourself, your body, your mind, your soul and to allow that to continue to empower you in the future.

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