Episode 197: Throwing Your Resolutions Out

Episode Summary

In this episode of OVERCOMING Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi is on a live prerecorded line talking with a client about what you can do besides making resolutions and why, in fact, it’s more impactful on your life in the short term and the long term.

Episode Notes

Things that really help change us:

  • What if we made a resolution to change our thoughts?
  • What if we made a resolution around the company that we keep
  • Music – what if we kept music around us that brought us joy that made our heart saying that helped us feel calm or relaxed or joyous, whatever that was?
  • What about changing the things you look at? What about changing your visuals?
  • What if you made a resolution? To look at the things that make you feel good,
  • What about changing our atmosphere or our environment?
  • What if you made a resolution with a word?
  • Gratitude. What if you made a resolution to be grateful?

“If all we ever did was say thank you. It would be enough.”

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

2 comments on “Episode 197: Throwing Your Resolutions Out

  1. Karen Gadbury says:

    Music helps me with attitude and emotional well being. I listen to J103, this station is Christian. I should try having it playing more often between meals, and preparing healthy snacks ahead of time. Nuts help, but I want food not on the list. Perhaps, I can make resolutions. I also enjoy music when exercising. I suffer from neuropathy, pain and back issues so healthy eating is a Win/Win.

    1. Wendi Francis says:

      I love this Karen and I do so believe that music can absolutely help us with our emotional and physical well being. Playing it before and during your eating can help tremendously. So glad you found my podcast. Thank you for listening!

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