Episode 7: Avoiding fear and turning to food An interview with Janie Sterling

Episode Summary

In this special episode of OVERCOMING Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks to Janie Sterling on how to work with avoiding fear and turning to food.

Episode Notes

  • Physical hunger vs Emotional hunger  
  • Connect to another person or connect to yourself by nourishing yourself with good nutrition.
  • Look at healthy recipes

About The Guest:

Janie Sterling is a Board Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, NLP Master and Peak Performance Specialist trained under the #1 internationally renowned company in the personal and business development industry.

She is also a coach and trainer with the top-rated, elite group in leadership development and has collaborated and created a five-star rated podcast, “Real Raw Truths” dedicated to enlightening and inspiring listeners all around the world. Janie is a trained speaker, facilitator, coach, teacher, mentor, Mom of 4…and trustworthy friend.

Her unwavering love and devotion for people is undeniable and there is nothing more fulfilling to her than to make a difference in someone else’s life and to help them design a life they love and level of happiness and freedom they never thought possible. 

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