Episode 14: Ways You Can Overcome Emotional Eating During This Time At Home

In this episode of OVERCOMING Emotional Overeating podcast, Wendi talks to David Brownlee about ways you can overcome emotional eating during this time at home, the connection between food and emotions, feeling your feelings and many more.


In This Episode:

[3:16] Wendi’s backstory, how she got into working with emotional eating and nutrition.

[8:46] Feeling our feelings.

[12:16] The connection between food and emotion.

[14:10] Why most people don’t eat healthy food when nervous or stressed.

[20:04] Surface behavioral interventions

[32:00] Eating healthy

[39:27] Things you can do right now to control your emotional eating.

  • Everybody has a different reason for over eating.
  • Carbohydrates increase serotonin in the brain.
  • Serotonin help us feel happy.
  • Dopamine is the anti anxiety brain chemical.
  • “Emotions make us move into motion.”

Things you can do right now to control your emotional eating.

  • Figure out your core obstacle.
  • Learn that your body holds your emotions.
  • Recognize what you can do right now.

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