“Wendi Francis has the rare ability to tune into what is happening in one’s life and meet that person “where they are” on their journey. She can help him/her process issues that need reframing, and walk the person step by step through potential options for healing and growth. Her compassionate, loving nature is evident and palpable in all she does. She has assisted me numerous times in my own path to self-acceptance, and encouraged me to take risks and follow my dreams.”
Hope Gold
MA, CHLC, University Instructor
“I find my coaching session with Wendi to be like talking to my best friend. That person that you can instantly be completely vulnerable with and be 100% yourself, with no fear of being judged…but rather accepted exactly as you are. Wendi leads me toward developing action plans to achieve my most important goals. She is a talented coach who also leverages her background to help you understand how some past experiences could be presenting obstacles to success. Her comprehensive approach is not only effective, but she is kind, loving and genuinely cares about her clients. I’ll be forever grateful that God led me to coach with Wendi!”
Lisa K.
“Simply put, Wendi is outstanding! Her perceptiveness and professionalism saw me overcome a family crisis with clarity and purpose, heal my heavy heart, and embrace the journey of being grateful. Now I’m equipped with strategies and once again am inspired about life, my passions and am rising to a whole other level.”
Sue C.
“She spoke from her heart and she saved my life…literally.”
Dru M.
“Wendi uses an amazing process to help her clients utilize their abilities to cultivate permanent change. Her insight to get right to the heart of the matter is like no other person I have worked with before. Her listening skills, proven strategies and gentle, yet firm guidance has immensely helped me see what I needed to do to get my life on track. I have learned what I need to do to incorporate lasting change, and how to hold myself accountable for my present and future. Wendi is an incredible coach! I am so happy I got to work with her. It changed my life!”
Elena S.
I first had the pleasure of working with Wendi as a coach in my late teens when I was contemplating transferring colleges. I needed insight into what direction I wanted to go in life and a future career. Over a span of fifteen years, Wendi has been my go-to person every few years when I need the best of the best problem-solver and strategies for action. She has helped me harness my strengths and view my weaknesses in a compassionate, optimistic light with humor. From career coaching to finding my life partner, getting married, health questions in pregnancy, parenting, and just recently, tactics for recovering from a physiological, postpartum complication, Wendi has coached me to create a more empowered and fulfilled life beyond my imagination. Wendi has a rare knack for understanding human motivation, personality, and getting to the root of what tools diverse people need to find answers within. She has an unsurpassed intuition. What sets her apart is her incredible strength to vacillate between her strong intuitive, right brain and her equally-strong left brain (helping people make a plan for action). She understands exactly when a client needs techniques that are results-focused and concrete vs. when they need creative, emotional techniques in sessions. I am now an empowered commercial real estate broker in a field dominated by men, in partnership with my husband in our firm. We have two young children who will have more joyful, empowered lives as a result of my work with Wendi. I have future projects and passions that I want to incorporate into my life; Wendi will be one of my first calls when I am ready. If you need an expert guide, mentor, teacher, or friend to help you problem-solve in life or are needing direction in relationships, life transitions, business, finding purpose, parenting, health issues, or spirituality (among many more), get in touch with Wendi Francis. Be prepared find clarity to see life and your self differently in a short amount of time. She will help you build confidence to make changes in your life that you did not think possible. With Wendi as your guide, you will find your wings to soar and create a happier, richer life than you could have ever imagined!
Betsy W. P.
“I have had the pleasure to be a client of Wend Francis for four years. Throughout this time, she has had amazing insight helping me re-frame situations and helping me place them in proper perspective…..there has never been a visit with her that I did not leave with clarity and thorough notes! Last year my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I credit a lot of my strength and determination to Wendi. Her vast knowledge and expertise in grief has carried me through. I am so fortunate to have her in my circle. She is an extraordinary human being who shows much compassion and understanding for her clients.”
Stephanie S.
“Wendi has always had a wealth of knowledge in the expertise of working with clients to help them see a different view of their food issues. The ability that she has shown to aid in the healing process for so many people by reframing their perspective of issues they have dealt with most of their lives has been a gift to so many individuals that she has worked with. It is remarkable how many nutritionists simply approach clients from a perspective of food planning, and how instead she approaches their food issues from a developmental perspective that helps people see where they developed their beliefs in the first place, and how to shift their view to an adult view instead of the view they grew up with. I want to thank her for working with so many clients and helping their healing process. The clients she has worked with have been so lucky to be blessed with her gifts as a professional.”
Ann Kreindler-Siegel
“There is no doubt in my mind I would be living the healthy and HAPPY life I am today without Wendi as my guide. Her calming presence and direct approach made it possible for me to open up and deal with what was uncomfortable. I was able to listen and trust that Wendi truly wanted the best for me. She never overwhelmed me with ways I needed to change or focus on what needed to change. Instead Wendi challenged me in a way that was caring and empowering, and in return made recovery possible.”
Carrie M.
"Hi, Wendi! I can’t tell you how I strong I remain from our last session. It’s made a world of difference in my state and here are of the few things that have transpired since: During February 2015, I experienced my most profitable week EVER! I’m now starting to apply the strategies we previously discussed. The momentum of my presence keeps growing stronger. I have already surpassed my earnings for the first quarter of 2014 and 2013 and the quarter still is going strong. I’m on a roll right now. I thought that by this time I’d be worn out and clueless but I remain driven and strong."
Israel S.
"Wendi’s passion and enthusiasm for helping her clients is enormous. Her ability to help any client truly transform the beliefs they hold is amazing. She is a highly skilled practitioner enabling her clients to make true lasting change in both their personal and professional lives."
David Brownlee
CPC, Coach, Author, Speaker
"Wendi has many gifts. One of her main gifts is to be able to connect and be effective with her clients including the ones more stuck in their unhealthy patterns. How she does that, is by being forthright, open and honest. She helps her clients examine their thoughts and become aware of their faulty thinking. She teaches them to find balance and clarity. She understands resistances and works in a way that so respectful, that they are willing to let go of their stories."
Laura Bass

“Wendi Helloooo, I am wonderful. Going to a 2 day certified life coaching course next week. Yay me. All other areas in my life are coming together as I am asking myself new questions and I am always presented with new and insightful answers that reward me for asking great questions. For example, I used to believe that my learning techniques were only visual. I was listening to a Middle Eastern speaker who encourages listening to any material as a method of learning, because we remember more via audio and little compared to when we read. My new belief, its so true as I remember more information that you say when we speak than I give myself credit for. Which is exactly what you said in our last session. I am on the chapter of grief in your book. I am happy and truly blessed our paths have crossed. Greatest quote in your book is “grief, in its healing, can actually make us stronger, more grateful and more connected to ourselves and others”. Reading your book is so empowering. I genuinely feel like I have known you my entire life. And I just wanted to take the time to say that I will be surrounded by a variety of coaches next week who will be selling their coaching sessions to me. Wendi, your job is secure hoping you will ALWAYS be my Coach. Furthermore, every time I peek into my future, You are always there with your million dollar smile. Someday I even meet my role model. Thank you for inspiring me to invest in the world of coaching, which is in fact an investment in me. Wendi, Thank you for being YOU. Wendi, you are a remarkable and phenomenal woman. I am extremely pleased and eternally grateful to God/Allah. God/Allah rotated the world upside down and inside out and blessed me with a precious soul named Wendi. I pray that you and your family and friends are blessed with more than your heart desires. You are in my thoughts and for eternity you and your family and friends are in my prayers. Words can not articulate my gratitude. You have empowered me in ways that only God/ Allah can reward you. Looking forward to reading your next book. Here is to you, your new book and your success.”

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