Wendi Francis

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Wendi Francis MS, RD, CPC – Food Psychologist, Certified Professional Life and Business Coach and Registered and Licensed Dietitian, brings 28 years of experience, a wide variety of education, certifications and expertise to the table, as she helps clients, groups and businesses overcome emotional eating. 

Wendi Francis

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Wendi Francis MS, RD, CPC – Food Psychologist, Certified Professional Life and Business Coach and Registered and Licensed Dietitian, brings 28 years of experience, a wide variety of education, certifications and expertise to the table, as she helps clients, groups and businesses overcome emotional eating. 

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Overcoming Emotional Eating: An Experiential Workbook
An experiential, interactive workbook designed to help you overcome what you had become to move into the person, without the food, you were born to be.

There is Hope

Healing your relationship with food can heal your whole life.

In my decades of practice, the common thread I’ve witnessed running through the lives of my clients is this: Your relationship with food is congruent with your relationship with yourself and with those in your life.
Emotional ties to the food we eat are rooted in something much deeper. From childhood trauma, to mindlessly falling into destructive habits – when we call attention to what food is doing for us emotionally, it simultaneously sheds a light on a wound or dark space that we are subconsciously (or consciously) avoiding.

In my work, I guide my clients to safely expose that wound or space with self-compassion, bring it into the light and ultimately heal and change it, using the tools that I’ve developed in my three decades in practice.

Work together

Leading with compassion, experience and psychology.

With three decades of experience in this field, I know I can help. Whether you prefer to work 1:1, in a group setting, or you’re looking for a consultant to step in and help, we’ve got the perfect way to work together.

1:1 Coaching or Professional Mentorship

You already have the answers. I come with the questions.
One of the first questions I ask my clients is, “When did you decide it is safer to be small?” Through a series of compassionate questions, we get to the root cause of your emotional eating, to heal and create lasting change.
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Group Coaching
AND Retreats

Heal with the support of others working toward a common goal.
The easiest way to dispel shame is to bring it into the light. In this supportive environment, we’ll gently work through our common obstacles together as a group. In addition to healing, you’ll gain a support network for life.
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and Consulting

I help team leaders close the knowledge gap on disordered eating.
Whether you’re leading a team of healthcare practitioners or your staff is in need of a leadership or wellness boost, I can help. I love speaking with and teaching large groups about emotional eating and how to overcome it.
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Additional Offerings

Listen, read and learn.

I am very passionate about helping and getting my message out and there and my podcast, books and courses have helped me do just that. 


Each week, you can join me,  for the Overcoming Emotional Eating podcast, to help YOU overcome your emotional overeating. If you want to finally find freedom from your food, weight, and body this is the podcast for you. Your time to become an OVERCOMER starts now.


I’ve written several books to help people overcome emotional eating, make better food choices and empower themselves and their clients. Written specifically for individuals as well as healthcare practitioners to learn from my experience.


These self-led courses are a great way to deepen your knowledge around emotional eating. With courses for the individual, as well as weight loss practitioners, I am excited to share what I’ve learned in my rewarding career with you.

hello there

I’m Wendi Francis MS, RD, CPC

I am a pioneer in the field of Food Psychology, a best-selling author, recognized speaker and podcast personality, currently hosting a show entitled, Overcoming Your Emotional Overeating.

For the past 28 years I have brought my expertise to both individuals and groups alike moving others to find their true “why behind the what” that they are eating.

Professionally speaking, I have also opened four of my own successful, thriving businesses, as well as coaching and mentoring 20 plus other businesses to achieve outstanding purpose driven results.

I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a graduate degree in Counseling and Education with certifications in NLP, grief coaching, eating disorders, trauma and various facets of life and business coaching.


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Let's dive a little deeper.

Most of us were conditioned from a young age to associate food with emotions. Whether it was offered as a reward, to help us feel better when we got hurt, or as something to feel guilty about wasting or enjoying too much, you are not alone if grew up with food as a crutch.

Emotional eating affects most of us. Whether it’s something we do when we’re bored, in the car, is triggered by stress, or helps us feel better when we’re down – we are using nutrition for something other than its intended purpose.

When the substance we use to numb or tolerate difficult feelings falls into the “bad” category – like drugs or alcohol – there is an understanding that it is not good for us. But food is a necessary part of life! Without it we will die. And in that space, the urgency to understand our compulsions around it are often subdued.

It’s not until the effects of emotional eating start to show up in the body that we start to pay attention. When left until this stage, it’s common to experience shame, which unfortunately, often leads to isolation and stops people from seeking help.

No! The problem with most weight loss plans is that they focus on the symptoms, not the root cause. Counting calories, diet fads and yo-yo dieting don’t deal with the problems that go you to where you are now.

Recovering from emotional eating is about compassionately uncovering the underlying issues and healing them. The work we’ll do together is largely psychological and therapeutic. Once we bring that problem out into the light, it can be healed, and then the control is placed back in your hands.

Instead of addressing symptoms like weight loss, we talk about the root cause. The truth is, you have all the answers. My job is to ask the right questions. With extensive time spent in practice, I’ve helped thousands of people recover from emotional eating. My clients and I work together to:

  • Learn how to take control of your emotions, food and health
  • Learn where your beliefs around eating came from and how to change them
  • Understand your triggers, instead of reacting to them
  • Understand your unique eating patterns and how to change them
  • Fully accept who you are and what got you here, and not wishing it away
  • Trust and allow an expert to help you
  • Understand how emotions come in waves, and to learn to ride them and not drown in them
  • Learn to eat the foods that give your body energy, without following a cookie cutter plan meant for someone else
  • Develop your “WHY” for truly changing your eating and your health

We have several options for working together. You can learn more about that by clicking here. 


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